5G Roaming Strategies and Forecasts
April 2020

5G roaming: Strategies & Forecasts

Research Highlights:

  • 5G Roaming Operator Survey Findings – Q1 2020
  • 5G Market Opportunity & Technical Requirement Analysis
  • 5G IoT & Consumer Market Forecasts & Assessment for 60+ Markets

This new focus research from Kaleido provides an analysis of the inbound and outbound 5G roaming landscape, offering an assessment of the key trends, market developments and operator requirements.

The report provides valuable survey feedback from leading operator groups around the world from a 5G opportunity and technical requirement outlook. This operator survey, conducted by Kaleido in Q1 2020, was completed by 60+ respondents across tier-1 operators around the world and were typically from the roaming business units.

This 34-page concise report provides traffic and revenue forecasts for inbound and outbound consumer mobile and IoT connections.

Readers will receive the following insights:

  • Operator survey findings covering launch plans, technical requirements, IoT opportunities and revenue outlook.
  • 5G standalone and non-standalone launch plans and operator roll-out strategies.
  • Analysis of key market drivers including data roaming trends, new revenue opportunities, IoT and VoLTE investments.
  • 5G roaming technical requirement analysis, covering signalling, security, steering, clearing and settlement.
  • 5G roaming retail and wholesale business models including network slicing and IoT pricing model analysis.
  • Quantification of how 5G consumer mobile and IoT roaming will grow across global markets.

The PDF report provides market data at a global & regional level for the following metrics:

  • 5G inbound and outbound consumer and IoT connections
  • Inbound and outbound data traffic for 5G consumer and IoT connections
  • VoLTE/Vo5G voice minutes and data usage
  • Inbound and outbound revenues for 5G consumer and IoT connections

Clients with access to our Data Hub will receive full metrics including forecasts across 60+ global markets, totalling over 80,000 data points. Members will be able to access the research directly.

For more information on accessing this research, or having membership access, please contact [email protected]

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Report Author

Nitin Bhas
Chief of Strategy & Insights
Steffen Sorrell
Chief of Research

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