FREE REPORT Signalling Security - Sizing The Operator Threat
Jan 28th

Free REPORT: Signalling Security – Sizing The Operator Threat

Research Highlights:

  • How do operators perceive signalling security
  • Perception of future signalling threats
  • Analysis of top attacks, revenue losses and network disruption.
  • Threat prevention strategies
  • Investment plans
  • Security implementation and management techniques
  • Signalling threat analysis
  • Attitudes towards industry guidance & protocols
  • Perceived challenges from new technologies

How are Mobile Network Operators addressing the challenges presented by Signalling Security? What is the impact of security breaches? To what extent do evolving technologies present new perceived threats? The free report, commissioned by Cellusys, provides detailed analysis to help inform the industry.

The research, conducted during Q4 2020 is based on inputs from over 40 operators, providing new insights to help operators shape their security strategy.

The report will be launched on January 28th, in conjunction with a live webinar showcasing key research findings alongside recommendations to achieve optimised security protection.  All participants will receive a free copy of the report, launched during the webinar.

Access your copy of kaleido’s report  via

cellusys website

Report Author

Steffen Sorrell
Chief of Research

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