FREE WEBINAR: Meeting The Demand For Low Latency Roaming
Nov 8th
16-page White Paper

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Did you miss our live webinar: Meeting The Demand for Low Latency Roaming? No problem, you can now watch the webinar replay and access the free 16-page White Paper launched in conjunction with the event.

During the webinar, Kaleido presented insights from a new operator survey, identifying the needs, and challenges surrounding low latency roaming. Industry experts from Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile and the 5G Automotive Association added to the insight during a panel session and live audience q&a. The webinar received great feedback. Watch the reply now to keep the conversation flowing.

The additional 16-page White Paper is now also available for download. The White Paper includes key findings from Kaleido’s survey, expanding on the results discussed during the webinar, adding wider analysis and recommendations to help operators overcome challenges with implementation.

about the webinar

According to new insights from Kaleido’s Operator Survey in August 2022, over 90% of respondents confirmed they have existing customers with low latency roaming requirements.¬†However, there are many existing challenges with local breakout, which must be addressed to help realise the increasing demand, especially in light of expected 5G SA roaming launches from 2023.

How can operators address these challenges? What success stories can they learn from and how can they effectively enable low latency demand? This is what this webinar helped operators to understand.

We explored the operator views from Kaleido’s latest operator survey, participated in by over 75 operators worldwide. In addition, industry experts from Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, 5G Automotive Association and T-Mobile US joined Kaleido, sharing additional insights on the practical approaches operators can take to enable low latency roaming moving forwards.

Example Survey Findings: The Need for Low Latency in Roaming

What to expect:

  • New insights from Kaleido’s dedicated operator roaming survey, showcasing perceptions and needs of low latency in roaming
  • Practical insights delivered by industry experts from Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier and T-Mobile US
  • Your chance to have practical questions answered
  • The latest research on roaming trends & growth rates, new business models and future roadmaps
  • Strategic insights to help operators in the short, medium and long term

All participants will receive a copy of the webinar presentation, alongside a new White Paper including survey findings from Kaleido’s latest survey. There will also be a chance to answer your questions during panel sessions.

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Steffen Sorrell
Chief of Research
webinar speakers (3)
Johannes Springer
Director General of the 5GAA (5G Automotive Association) and 5G Automotive Lead at Deutsche Telekom
webinar speakers (1)
Mark Kellerhuis
Director of IoT Roaming & Global IoT Connectivity, T-Mobile
Andras Levak
Senior Product Manager, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier


Jon 1
Jon King
Chief Commercial Officer
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