Free Report How Operators are Approaching $16bn Wholesale Roaming Opportunity
3rd February

free report – How Operators are Approaching $16bn Wholesale Roaming Opportunity

As part of our wider study into Wholesale Roaming Strategies & Competitive Analysis 2020, we are pleased to offer this free research to help inform operators and vendors alike with key findings from the research.

Email for your copy and we’ll send in PDF format.

The free report, based on our own expert analysis and inputs from over 50 companies from the roaming vendor and MNO/MVNO community, ensures rich insight which will help product, strategy, business development and marketing teams.


Market Analysis:
A concise analysis of market movements and trends which will shape wholesale roaming over the coming years. This includes IoT roaming, blockchain and VoLTE among others.

MNO & MVNO Needs:
Learn what the needs of the operator community are and the future direction planned for mobile roaming. Findings are based off a dedicated operator survey, ran during H2 2019.

Market Data & Forecasts:
Size the current and projected growth in wholesale roaming usage including traffic and revenues across all global regions. Learn how roaming revenues and usage has evolved to date and how it may evolve over the next few years.

Competitive Assessment:
Findings from the industry’s most thorough competitive assessment on 30 wholesale roaming vendors. Learn who are viewed as the leading vendors across different wholesale roaming service areas, including Steering, Sponsored Roaming & Hubs, IPX, Data & Financial Clearing and Analytics & Value Added Service.

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Report Author

Nitin Bhas
Chief of Strategy & Insights
Wholesale Roaming Strategies & Competitive Analysis

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