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July 2021


Research Highlights:

  • Detailed analysis of dedicated enterprise spectrum availability and processes
  • Opportunities and strategies for MNOs, service providers and systems integrators
  • Industry vertical and regional opportunities for Private Network deployments
  • Enterprise requirements and ecosystem challenges
  • Forecasts for Private LTE and 5G Capex and Opex

This new focus research from Kaleido Intelligence provides an analysis of the Private LTE and 5G market, including an assessment of the future market size in terms of Capex and Opex spending on commercial deployments.

The research investigates the growing global initiatives to release dedicated spectrum for Private Network deployments, providing a detailed country-by-country analysis of spectrum availability, licencing terms and future plans in terms of band releases.

Driven by insight from over 30 interviews conducted with industry stakeholders across the landscape, the report provides an analysis on the opportunity in terms of 6 market verticals which are set for growth, in addition to regional developments in terms of deployments and future opportunities. The 6 industries assessed are:

  • Transport
  • Utilities/Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Smart Cities
  • Others

This 38-page concise report analysis where ecosystem challenges currently lie, while looking at the opportunity in terms of MNOs, service providers and systems integrators. It also discusses what role unlicensed spectrum, Wi-Fi and network slicing will play as the market develops in future

Forecasts are provided across 6 industry verticals and 8 global regions, sizing the market in terms of network deployments, technology use in addition to Capex and Opex spending.

The PDF report provides market data at a global and regional level for the following metrics:

  • Total Private LTE and 5G deployment sites, by region and vertical
  • LTE share of Private Network deployments by Region
  • Capex and Opex spending for Private LTE and 5G networks, by region and vertical

Clients with access to our Data Hub will receive full metrics including forecasts across 60+ global markets,  including forecasts for unlicenced spectrum use alongside granular splits for 5G and LTE Private Networks across each industry vertical. Members will be able to access the research directly.

Members will be able to access the research directly.

For more information on accessing this research, or having membership access, please contact [email protected]

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Report Authors

Steffen Sorrell
Chief of Research
Shrey Bhandari
Senior Research Consultant

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