Inbound Roaming Corridor Analysis
The Brief

The client required inbound travel insights and roaming traffic analysis for a number of European and American countries into key Middle Eastern corridors.

The goal: To shape 2019-20 market prioritisation for MNO and MVNO partners in the Middle East.

Project remit: To provide market data and forecasts for 50+ key corridors, including roaming traffic forecasts for voice, SMS and data usage of traveller groups originating from Europe and North America, split by business and leisure travellers.

duration & outputs
Day Project
Thousand Datapoints
Page Report
How we helped

Kaleido established over 50 inbound travel corridors to these 11 Middle Eastern markets. Corridors were determined following an in-depth study of the macro-economic trends across these markets.

Kaleido analysed the travel trends including business and leisure tourism to establish the number of arrivals made by unique users. Through a systematic research process and utilising our in-house data on roaming usage, Kaleido was able to model the inbound roaming traffic as requested by the client.

Findings were delivered in an excel format, alongside a strategic report assessing key trends of each market and dynamics of the corridors. Aligned to this, we provided insights into the client’s key priority markets to focus on operational and commercial activities. Research findings were backed up with regular calls throughout the process and a post-delivery workshop.

Data Extract

  • UAE Average Monthly Inbound Roaming Data Traffic Per SIM (MB)
the result

The insights have enabled the client to formulate a strategic market priority and entry plan for the selected markets. The plan, being enacted through 2019, will further partnerships and commercial presence, already bringing new success.

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